Norway, September 2012

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Norway - September 2012

The first bigger adventure took me to Norway. I have never had the desire to go to Norway but Jenn has always wanted to go there and talked about kayaking the fjords… Why would I want to go to Norway? It’s in the north and it’s probably cold there. 🙂 Well, I have to say, it definitely was a trip to remember. Bergen, once actually the capital of Norway, was founded in the early 1000s and is an international center for aquaculture, shipping, offshore petroleum industry and subsea technology. Population is about 268,000 and here is something for you sunshiny peeps, 260 days average per year. So… I think, I just met Denver’s opposite. Saw a lot of people with rain outfits. Yes, rubber boots, rain pants and jacket. The women wear very stylish rain boots thought that I was tempted to get a pair.

Norway 2012 by @sportinesse

Voss Train Station

Norway Trip 2012 by @sportinesse

Kayaking the fjords near Voss

The first couple days we stayed in Bergen, explored the food and city and since it’s also called a gateway to the fjords, we made arrangements to sea kayak in Voss. A little town in the mountains with about 13,000 population where the more adventurous things can be done, Norway has to offer. Sea kayaking, hiking, skiing, para-gliding. Voss has produced many olympic champions mainly in Biathlon, nordic skiing disciplines (ha, get it?) in all 6 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 7 bronze medals. Not bad for a little town of 13,000ish.

Click below for pics. I’ll keep adding to it 🙂

Norway Pics

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