HipChicksOut Charity Football Pool

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Please click the “BUY” Button to donate $15:

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Now you are ready to create your team name and start picking…

Please follow instructions:

1) Go to: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/pickem

2) Click on yellow button: “Join a Group”

3) on the right side enter our Group Number: 11516

4) below enter our Group Password: 2015

5) click “Join Group”

6) Sign in with Yahoo, Facebook or Gmail

7) set up your team name and start picking winners for first game day – Please leave your email visible so I can contact you if you win 🙂

8) make sure you rate your picks with the “confidence points” – you should always see a green “complete” when you used all your confidence points – that’s the only way to get points

9) watch out for the Spreads. If a team’s spread says it’s supposed to win it has to win by the spread if you pick in order for you to get the points. If you don’t think the team would win by the spread, but wins, you should pick the losing team to win. Please email me if you have any questions: silke@hipchicksout.com